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English Spoken Classes for Kids

  • 45Days
Get a certificate by completing the program.


Course Highlights: Creative Writing: Develop imaginative thinking. Learn to construct compelling narratives. Improve grammar and vocabulary through fun exercises. Public Speaking: Build confidence in speaking before an audience. Master techniques for clear and effective communication. Participate in interactive speaking activities to boost fluency. Group Discussion: Foster teamwork and collaborative skills. Engage in thoughtful discussions on various topics. Enhance critical thinking and ability to articulate ideas clearly. Course Structure: Duration: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Interactive Learning: Our approach ensures that kids are actively participating and enjoying the learning process. Expert Instructors: Our experienced educators are dedicated to making learning enjoyable and impactful. Why Choose Us? Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers essential aspects of English speaking and communication. Fun and Engaging: Keeps kids motivated and interested throughout the course. Skill Development: Prepares children for academic and extracurricular success. Enrollment Information: Limited Seats: Ensure your child’s spot by enrolling early. Flexible Scheduling: Sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your summer plans.




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