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5 Things You Didn't Know About Mandarin Chinese

To celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity, the United Nations has established six days of observance, one day for each of the Organization's six languages. Today, April 20, is Chinese Language Day. We can't think of a better time to show off some of the things that make China so great. Read on for an overview of Chinese tips

Consists of approximately 50,000 characters.

As native English speakers, we easily have 26 letters! Mandarin does not follow alphabets but uses characters that represent the style of spoken Chinese. Each character contains elements that represent abstract ideas, concrete objects, or specific intonations. Although there are said to be around 50,000 characters in total, everyday Mandarin only has around 2,500 characters, so if you learn the basics you'll be fine!

The word "Mandarin" comes from Sanskrit.

Mandarin and Sanskrit have little relationship. When Buddhism was introduced to China in 67 AD, Sanskrit also introduced new words into Chinese. The first mandarin refers to a Chinese ruler and comes from the Portuguese word "mandarim"; This word means "mantrin" in Sanskrit, meaning minister. Among Chinese speakers, Mandarin Chinese is often referred to as "guoyu", meaning the language of the country. 97 will help you in every aspect of Chinese.

There is an unlimited number of Chinese characters.

Unlike many other languages, Chinese does not rely on written characters but uses characters or 'logographs' that represent units of meaning. Although there is an unlimited number of Chinese characters, most literate people have around 8,000. By the way, if you want to read a newspaper you need to know a number between 2,000 and 3,000.

Mandarin is the most popular language in China

Mandarin is just one of many Chinese languages, but it is certainly the most popular: 70% of Chinese speakers speak Mandarin, and it is a lingua franca (or lingua franca) that you will help advance. Through the region, which is all about China.

Non-character Chinese characters

This may sound crazy, but there are no characters in Mandarin (which is the basis of the standard Chinese language). The writing system is not like the alphabet because no letters are used. Instead, symbols called "alphabet", which represent the oldest writing system in existence in the world, are used. This language has a romanization known as "pinyin". This allows non-native Chinese speakers to learn the language based on more than known systems. Interestingly, China has a number system with numbers that are easy to read and remember with practice.

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