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Basic to advanced Spoken English Course - Aryabhatt Classes

Updated: Jul 10

This popular spoken English course is for people who have a basic knowledge of English, including reading and speaking, and want to improve their language skills. This course improves vocabulary, confidence, communication skills, voice and speech. We offer online and offline English language courses.

A Good Career

A 2019 survey of more than 2.3 million people in more than 100 countries found that business leaders have the highest English proficiency than other workers. If you speak English, you can get a well-paying job or promotion. If your English skills are not good, you are less likely to change jobs.

Advanced English skills can help you keep up with new ideas in your field and connect with other professionals in other countries. This is important for researchers, engineers and researchers, but in all activities it is important to share ideas and best practices and learn from others.

Help your country

Countries where the majority of the population speaks English can offer great opportunities for international trade. But you can help your country in other ways, too.

Countries with high levels of English are often associated with the rest of the world. These countries are generally open and have high levels of equality. You have a worldview and when you go abroad you encounter different perspectives.

If you work for an international company that employs people from different countries, your team may be more innovative and make better decisions than at companies that are not diverse. This is good for you, for the benefit of the company and ultimately for your country!

High school

Many universities require an English language certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL. If you want to study for an MBA, you will probably also need to take the GMAT exam.

It's not just about studying in an English-speaking country. You may also need English credits to study for a master's degree in your home country.

Communication and connection

You can communicate well with a high level of English. Since many of us work online or use social media, knowing good English helps us collaborate and connect with people around the world or develop new ideas.

Personal Taste

With a high level of English you can understand most, if not all, of what you read or hear. You can also express your thoughts and ideas safely using clear words.

As you improve your English skills, your self-confidence will increase and you will feel more comfortable using English. In this case, English can open the door to a better job or a different life.

Improving and Expanding Career Opportunities

Knowing English as a primary language of communication worldwide is a highly sought-after skill in international work, and one of the benefits of learning English is that it can greatly enhance your career.

Applicants who wrote English on their CV were found to have greater employability. This could be particularly important in 2023, as many countries are facing economic hardship and unemployment, in part due to the international COVID-19 pandemic. You can usually expect a higher salary (up to 10% - 15%) than those without one.

It is worth noting that some professions are particularly in need of English speakers, as English is the primary language and the international communication that takes place in their place of residence.

The world of business and international trade is clearly known for its use of English, and since the mid-20th century, English has also become the international language of science and medicine. English is also the main language on the internet. Approximately 565 million people use the internet every day, and approximately 55.5% of the most visited websites in the world are in English.

American companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and other technology pioneers invented the first programming languages, and English is still the most widely used language in the world for programming and coding.

Explore the world safely

Traveling and traveling around the world is on many people's agenda again.

Besides countries where English is the main language, such as Great Britain, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, there are many other countries whose official language is English! These include Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius and the Philippines.

Knowledge of English allows you to travel and communicate effectively in many parts of the world, conduct extensive research, travel and learn more about the countries and cultures you visit.

Access to world-class educational systems and institutions

Another reason to learn English is the way it introduces you to the best educational systems and institutions in the world.

Many of the world's top universities are located in Britain or the USA or use English as the main language of their courses, so English skills are important in the application process.

Access to English is essential if you want to study at an English-speaking university such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or MIT.

Increase your cognitive skills (aka brain power).

Learning a second language has been proven to be one of the best ways to keep your brain active and active. Research has shown that when learning a second language, the brain undergoes changes in its electrical activity, both in shape and size; Changes that do not occur when learning other types of jobs or skills.

No matter how old you are, there are benefits to learning a new language in addition to your native language.

People who speak more than one language are now known to have better memory and creativity than people who do not, and research also shows that the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed later in bilinguals than in monolinguals. Learning a second language can help us maintain our mental health for a long time.

Start life in an English-speaking country

Another benefit of learning English is that it may give you the opportunity to move to an English-speaking country. To become a citizen of an English-speaking country, you usually need to achieve a certain level of English proficiency. Speaking and understanding

English will also help you find a job and help you speak and communicate better with the people around you, whether in the supermarket, with doctors, or with your new friends and neighbours.

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