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Best Digital Marketing Courses Online with Certificates

Marketing is identifying and meeting customer needs. From a business perspective, this is a very important activity because marketing efforts can generate leads and conversions. Although marketing has deep roots in business history and culture, marketing is a relatively new method. Therefore, in this article, Aryabhatt Classes will tell you about the best certified online marketing courses. But for this you need to know the basics of marketing. So why is social media marketing so important?

When social media is part of the buyer's journey, customers tend to convert at a 129% higher rate. They also spend four times more than non-social workers (Deloitte).

Reading or writing comments and opinions on social media will influence the purchasing behavior of 67% of consumers.

The average internet user spends approximately two hours browsing social media every day. 59% of Americans with a social media account think that customer service through social media makes it easier to answer questions and resolve problems.

Ideal for product promotion and promotion.

Digital Marketing levels the playing field and helps you compete with big brands in your industry that you wouldn't normally be able to reach.

The Internet is home to a huge pool of potential customers, and by marketing your products using the techniques we mentioned above, you can reach more people than usual.

Targeting Online Customers

As of January 2023, there are 5.16 billion internet users worldwide, which means there are billions of people who may be interested in your brand.


Digital marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods and is ideal for businesses with limited funds and resources. You also have full control over how you spend your money by focusing on specific marketing channels based on your needs. For example, by using Google Ads or spending time with videos.


Another important reason why digital marketing is so important and better than traditional marketing tools is that it is measurable. With digital marketing, impressions, views, time on page, click-through rate, etc. You will have a huge source of information and statistics such as: This means you can get real-time information.

Types of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Social Media Marketing

A brief description of the above mentioned digital marketing types

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that aims to improve the ranking of online resources in search engines such as Google or Bing. If you’ve ever searched for something on Google, you’ve probably noticed that a simple search can yield millions of results, but you’ll probably never get past the first impression, let alone the next page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to connect with your target audience by creating original content. Rather than dealing with sales, marketing generally focuses on promoting the product through means that appeal to the target audience.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing uses email to reach customers. To do this, marketers send periodic emails to large groups of people who subscribe to their lists to announce sales, discounts, and new products or services. Many email marketing companies in India like Octane exist to help businesses connect with their customers. in, Mail Marketer and MailGet Bolt. 97 Typically, an advertiser is the owner of a website, search engine operator, or social media site such as Facebook or Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook to reach customers. Social media marketing is a key feature of modern marketing and uses social media and data-driven efforts to reach your target audience.

1 Inbound Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Discover why digital marketing is growing and is the way of the next decade.

Traditional Media vs. Digital Media

Digital Marketing Opportunities

2. Website Creation

Learn how to quickly create great-looking websites and landing pages using WordPress.

Website Design

Creating Your WordPress Website

3. Search Marketing

Learn to Harness the Power of Search Engines for Paid Advertising

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEM)

Bing Search Engine Marketing

(ASO) marketing

4 Social media marketing and management

Learn paid and social media marketing to drive users to this site

FB, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Social media marketing (organic)

Social media marketing (paid) all

Online Reputation management

Social listening

5 Video Marketing

Learn How to Use Powerful Video Marketing Strategies


What Makes Videos Viral

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

YouTube (SEO)

Media Management and Automation

6 Integrated Marketing (Full Funnel Marketing)

KPI Setting

Media Planning

Media Planning

Learning Other Digital Skills is needed in Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Mobile Marketing (Notifications, SMS, QR Codes)

Product Marketing

Product Management

Creating a Seller Website with Shopify

Product Marketing

Podcast Marketing

Innovation on Digital Platforms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

How-To Related Tools Using Marketing Materials

Learn to Present Your Skills to Potential Customers

Interview Skills


Presentation Skills

Advanced Excel Skills

Advanced PPT Skills

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