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Chinese Mandarin Language for HSK 1

Updated: May 6

We have introduced a series of serious tests for Mandarin/Chinese students (HSK). The HSK test is a Chinese language proficiency test designed, developed and approved by the Chinese government for native Chinese speakers. HSK stands for Hàny| Shu|píng K|oshì (汉语水水考试) means exam in Chinese. It has different levels to measure candidates' Chinese reading, writing and speaking skills.

What is the HSK 1 curriculum?

Now HSK 1 is the first test in HSK certification. This test is for students who are just starting to learn Chinese. It is a basic test that measures only basic Mandarin.

Students are expected to know 150 commonly used words and grammar rules. Reading and listening skills were tested. The test checks whether the student can easily understand Chinese and communicate in short, simple words.

Vocabulary Required for the HSK 1 Exam

How Many Chinese Words Do You Need to Learn to Pass the HSK 1 Exam? According to Hanban, the organizer of the HSK test, you need to know 150 words correctly to pass HSK Level 1. These words do not change between tests and you can expect to see them on any test given by HSK 1 (but not all 150 words should appear on the same test).

Chinese for HSK 1
Chinese for HSK 1

Here are the official guidelines from Hanban

HSK1: 150 words

HSK2: 300 words

HSK3: 600 words

HSK4: 1200 words 

Chinese  In HSK 1, all questions in the test paper are equipped with Pinyin (Romanization of Mandarin) Chinese characters and there is no writing section, which means that you do not actually need to know any adjectives to pass the test (of course (you should) at least in reading Pinyin be pretty good). However, you should be able to understand simple conversations in daily life built with these 150 essential words and basic Chinese grammar. 

HSK 1 

HSK 1 Word List - 150 words. What you need to know for HSK Level 1 Test

I'll preface the list by saying that this is not intended as a "general vocabulary list for beginners" or "common Chinese words" where there is frequency. Instead, this is a list of words created to pass the HSK 1 test. Once you find the required 150 words, you can start learning words that are more suitable for your daily speech.

OK, let's start learning the HSK 1 vocabulary!

I organized these words by categories (e.g. numbers, time, people, and places) because Chinese words are easier to learn if you associate them with related words.

What is the test format for  HSK 1?

The Chinese government conducts HSK testing worldwide. India also has approved testing centers in all major cities. These exam centers conduct the HSK 1 exam for students every month. The

Tests in India are paper and pencil based. HSK 1 can also be tested via computer, but unfortunately, this opportunity is not available in test centers in India.

HSK 1 is a test type divided into 2 parts. The total duration of the test is 40 minutes. The two sections are: –

Listening (100 points)

Reading (100 points)

Details of listening and reading –


The test administrator is responsible for the playback of the recorded audio. listening part. Everything in the audio needs to be played twice. Students are expected to pay close attention to the sounds and choose the correct answer according to the sounds. Students' concentration and listening abilities determine their scores in the listening section.


The reading part is not dependent on controllers or audio. It is an independent section in which the student is given images, sentences and phrases with 4 options. The student is expected to answer each question calmly and choose the correct answer. This section tests students' ability to read pinyin and understand Chinese sentence structure.

How do you prepare for the HSK 1 exam?

As we said before, HSK 1 is just a basic test and therefore not very important. But it's also not an exam you have to take as a student. Proper preparation and sincere effort can help students score full marks in the exam.

East Dialogue, India's leading Chinese language center, offers entry and level 1 courses covering all sections of the HSK 1 exam. We teach our students all the basics of grammar and sentence construction in the classroom. Our students practice all the alphabets and word lists in pinyin and art. TOD also encourages listening and reading exercises during class.

 In addition, the most important thing when preparing for the HSK 1 exam is to solve the exam problems that have appeared before. It is known that students who solve more than one assignment get higher scores in the exam. We encourage our students to attempt previous assignments multiple times so that they become familiar with the exam and their minds can react quickly during the real exam.

As this series progresses we will continue to teach you the next HSK test. Till then, if you have any doubts or questions, please leave a comment below.

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