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Difference Between Online and Traditional Learning

Updated: Mar 21

Education is described as the way of gaining knowledge , skills , moral  values with the assistance of numerous ways , experience and teaching - learning exercises. In this modern era, education plays a vital role in making an individual’s personal and professional improvement. Here we describe the two types of education: one is traditional education and another one is online education . 

What is Traditional Education ?

Traditional education is a term which is used to tell the instruction in a physical classroom where teacher and students sit ahead. Teachers used to teach on blackboards or you can say teacher and students can do face to face communication. In this method of teaching classes are provided at specific times and all the assignments and tests are in the physical form. Teachers examine the students through tests from time to time in front of them.

Okay, now you must be a little clear about the traditional learning but you must have the information about online learning.

Online Learning : 

Online Learning is the method of teaching wherein everything happens on the internet like online classes in which students and teachers communicate virtually. Teachers convey education to their students through google meets, zoom, Microsoft teams etc. Teachers assign work to their students through pdf , images and videos. After Covid -19 online learning expanded so fast.

Online and Traditional Learning
Online and Traditional Learning

Benefits of Traditional classes

There are several advantages of traditional classes, here are some of them 

Better Relationship between teacher and students:- Students and teachers get to know each other in a better way in the classroom. It enables the teachers to access the strengths and weaknesses of children. It also provides the opportunity for teachers to become mentors of students.

Social Interaction:- College campus provides the opportunity of hanging out with friends, conversation with professors , participation in social events and other co-curricular activities. These types of social interactions keep the students happy and joyful along with learning.

Idea Exchange:- whenever students discuss a topic in their group it gives them the opportunity of brainstorming giving birth to new ideas. The exchange of ideas gve them the opportunity of knowing ideas which they have never thought of on their own. Traditional class settings also provide the students with more chances of asking questions and clearing their doubts on the go.

 Benefits of Online Classes

Just like the traditional classes, online classes have their own merits.

Accessibility:-  students get the opportunity of attending classes in online mode while having financial issues or availability & time concerns. Because online classes give the opportunity to design their own schedule as per availability of time. Such students also become great time management masters and know how to organize the time available.

Flexible scheduling :- One of the biggest advantages of online classes is flexible scheduling. Students who prefer online classes decide on their own that when to take classes, when to take assignments and manage time to study. They can create a self centered time schedule for themselves.

Hence we can say that both online and traditional modes of taking classes have their own merits it depends on the individual preference which one to take. 

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