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Educational Trends in 2024

Coming into 2024, one should have noticed that educational trends are changing like never before across the globe. Let's  have a look at changing trends of education in 2024:-

What are the various educational trends

Digital Hybrid Learning:- Digitization has taken over the education field as well. Online learning has taken pace during pandemic years, since then it has never looked back. Online learning has become the most prevalent type of learning in these recent years.

Hybrid learning consists of educational content delivered by means of digital technologies to the learners. It allows the learners flexibility of timing and ease of availability of content.

Soft Skills: Soft skills include Critical thinking , Intelligence, creativity and problem solving nature. The ever evolving job market is always seeking for those candidates who have soft skills with professional skills as well.

Group Based Learning : Group based learning is also a new way in the field of learning. People organized in a group are taught together  on a single topic or course. This practice is used to develop a sense of collaboration and community among groups of people. This practice increases the overall understanding in learners.

Mobile and Social Media Learning : It involves the use of mobile devices and social media platforms for educational purposes. It enables the learners to access content across the world, interactive learning and interactive learning. It can also include collaborative learning through social media discussions forums and use of social media in engagement between tutors and learners.

Educational Trends
Educational Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) : AI has been on the rise in the last few years. Several AI platforms like Chatgpt, Google AI etc have become easily accessible to the general public. 

In upcoming years AI will become more common and relevant in the educational field as it is getting included in every sphere of learning. 

As learners are getting familiar with AI day by day, educators have to develop ways to introduce AI into classrooms. Enhancing the use of AI in classrooms will not only help teachers develop more creative content but will also assist in research planning and will turn out to be more productive.

Additionally 2024 will become the year of introducing AI and technological advancement in overall learning technique keeping this in mind educational institutes are also forced to keep the ever changing scenario into their policies and develop ways to prevent misuse of AI and technological advancement . 

Vibrant Learning Spaces : the most important aspect of education is creating vibrant educational spaces so that education turns out to be a fun game instead of a burden for children among different age groups. Use of Technology and AI can bring more colors to the field of education if used in a vibrant manner. 

Society should also engage with educational institutes for overall development of educational spaces and according to the need of modern human behavior.

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