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How does music help children with learning difficulties?

Learning challenges can affect a child emotionally, physically, behaviorally and/or cognitively. The good news is that music can help with most of these. Learning to play an instrument is scientifically proven to help children with ADHD or learning disabilities increase their attention and unlock their ability to learn.

Music strengthens the weak areas of the brain of a child with learning problems. Music develops and strengthens the auditory, visual/spatial and motor cortices of the brain. These are  areas related to speech and language disorders, reading disorders, concentration disorders, attention disorders and concentration problems. Research has shown that  children with learning disabilities' attention, concentration, impulse control, self-esteem, motivation and memory improve when they learn to play an instrument. music lessons are particularly suitable for children who have difficulty concentrating when there is background noise.

Let Them Draw

Most  children with learning difficulties are creative and look for creative opportunities. Drawing activates motor skills, organizes the brain and highlights the child's artistic abilities. Simply give your child a drawing book, some paints, and play some soft music in the background.

Reading Music Books

Reading to children with learning difficulties is an activity that every parent should do. Reading to your child helps them develop attention, concentration, vocabulary, speech and language.

Learning Difficulties
Learning Difficulties

Start private music lessons

Start private music lessons for your child between  five and seven years old.It would be a good idea if you  take music lessons  with your child.

Find a suitable instrument

Choose instruments such as double bass, woodwind instruments and percussion instruments. These are good options because your child can stand and move while playing. But in the end, you should let your child choose their own instrument. If he wants drums, buy him drums.

Combine music and nature

studies have shown that listening to music while walking in nature has a positive effect on the brain. Increases concentration and  learning ability.

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