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How Online Learning is Changing Education?

Updated: Mar 13

Over the past 2 decades, the aim of education has undergone some  major changes. Let's understand the meaning of online learning first.

What is online learning 

The learning shifted from the classrooms to the laptops, tablets or smartphones is known as online learning. You are aware about the advanced internet and technology which helps the students learn online from anywhere.

How online education is much faster now

Today we are living in the advanced technological world. Technology makes many things easier to use and advanced internet. Technology helps us to learn fast through computers or smartphones. Everyone wants to start part-time work with their jobs and make money through online businesses. Online learning or ‘e-learning’ gives opportunities to an individual or institutions to provide online courses. Online learning has advantage as well as disadvantages both. let's check both of them one by one. 

Online Market
Online Market

Advantages of ‘e-learning’ 


E-learning gives comfort to the students. Students learn through the courses from anywhere.

2.Zero or low cost

Online education is provided by many institutions free of cost or paid courses at minimum charges.

3.Saves time

Online education saves time by attending lectures from home. you can learn through the videos provided by online courses through the speed of the video with you comfortably learning.


Students learn through the online courses at their own time from anywhere. Also take advantage of recorded lectures if they don't have time during online lectures.

Disadvantages of ‘e-learning’

1.Lacks social interaction 

One of the most important disadvantages of online learning is lack of social interconnection.

Social engagement is also very important for the students to improve communication skills but online learning affects the communication between students and teachers.

2.Technical issues

Many students face technical issues like slow speed of internet, smartphones and computer software issues which affects the learning of the students.

3.Cheating easily 

Students can cheat easily from online learning of exams conducted online, then students can copy answers from the textbooks and send them to the other classmates.

4.lack of ability to focus 

It's very uncomfortable for many students to see the screen of their computer or smartphones for a long time which is responsible for the inability to focus on the lectures provided online by the institutions. Students get bored from the lecture and start doing their own work and can miss the important information given by the teacher.

Now we can say online learning has many advantages but disadvantages most. According to 43% of the surveyed students online learning is better than regular classes but 15% said that regular education is better as compared to ‘e-learning’. E-learning saves you time but regular classes give you the opportunity to communicate with the students globally.

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