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Is SEO Dead? What would be the future?

Updated: Jun 12

No, SEO will not end in 2024 , In fact, it will likely continue to be one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses large and small. However, basic SEO strategies will change significantly from a technology-based approach focused on keywords to a more user-friendly approach. High-quality content, excellent web experience and good responsiveness to user requests will become increasingly important compared to keyword targeting and traffic. So SEO will still be important, but the tactic will change.

People are using different devices (iPhones, tablets, and laptops) when they go online, rather than a PC or desktop computer with just a mouse and keyboard. This is very difficult because you need to run your business online without breaking the device/browser or OS updates (iPad 2 and iPhone 5). This means you need different languages, more images/graphics, better accessibility at every level from desktop browsers to mobile apps.

There are many reasons why SEO is immortal

Keyword algorithms are constantly changing, so you need to follow the latest trends to stay up to date. SEO is harder than normal and requires more work on your part.

Offers high return on investment (ROI) to companies that spend their time wisely. A good example of this is a Google AdWords PPC campaign: if you pay 100 Euros per click but only make one sale out of 100 people who see your ad, that's a return on investment of over 70%! This is great!

Why SEO Isn't Dead

Let's be realistic. SEO is not dead and it won't die anytime soon. SEO will continue to evolve, and SEOs and the companies they depend on need to adapt. Because SEO changes.

Many people, including me, are afraid of change. If it ain't broke, why fix it? The old methods of SEO are now obsolete. It probably wasn't until 2005 that websites recovered from black hat SEO tactics. This Googlebot scam basically never thinks about the user and tries to trick the system. Black hat tactics include keyword stuffing (pushing your keywords on as many pages as possible), cloaking (showing Googlebot the same version of your content used in a different way), link buying (paying websites to link to you), and many more, is included, more.

In the early 2000s, all these tactics worked. Fortunately, Google has changed while maintaining its standards. Not only will this help you generate more traffic, but it can also result in fines from Google and severely limit your traffic until everything is resolved. Instead of playing with the

System black hat techniques, white hat tactics like providing a good user experience, answering your users' questions, building a fast website, and ensuring a responsive website are not the highest SEO priorities. , but it's the fastest way to success in SEO.

SEO is More Complicated

There are more sites and content online than ever before, so finding your target audience is difficult.

Google has changed its algorithm over the years, making it difficult for new sites to rank well in search results. For example, they remove links from websites that are low quality or contain lots of ads (visible through the creator's tools).

The Internet has grown so quickly that it has become impossible for one person to know everything on every site. Even if you could, how would you stay on this entire site?

SEO provides a high return on investment

The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it provides a high return on investment. It's not just about generating traffic from search results, it's also about generating revenue from premiums and services. As an example, let's see how this works in practice:

You create an article or post on your website (or just on Facebook) that contains links to other websites where people can buy your products or services.

You have an advertising program that finds users looking to buy your offerings in Google search results when they click on them and sends them to you for immediate purchase!

Why You Should Invest in SEO

Given the above, the return on investment for good SEO, and the following figures that Google announced in 2021, the ongoing investment is a no-brainer:

On average, more than one local result in Search four billion business connections per month.

This includes more than two billion website visits and links such as phone calls, directions, food orders and reservations.

Google Search connects more than 120 million people and businesses without websites each month.

Google sends billions of visits to the Internet every day, and the traffic Google sends to the open web has increased every year since the first launch of Google Search. The Google search results pages that previously showed 10 blue links now show an average of 26 web links per mobile search results page (more opportunities for users to click).

The modifications are great, but the ones that rotate and attach to precious dinosaurs are missing. And remember – despite all the changes we see at Google every year – SEO comes from a core principle: helping Google answer users' questions. How you do this is up to you, but as long as you give your audience the results they want, when they want it, and how they want it, you'll be successful at SEO.

SEO Best Practices Remain Important While

SEO will be entirely technological, common sense and smart tactics will continue to create success: content on understanding how to do what was once important.

in SEO. However, it will become even more important in 2024. Sites that directly answer users' questions and focus on in-depth, useful information have an advantage. Content that attracts users to a search engine against a target audience.

Content strategies will therefore remain important in SEO, but the emphasis will be on adding value to users rather than semantic keywords.

Building Lead Through Links and Engagement

Good Quality has been a well-known, authority and trust-driven SEO company for over 20 years and is still going strong. Because links help build expertise and improve search results.

The content of the task is based on its appropriateness to the meaning of importance and authority. This will remain important in 2024.

Now, in order to get links, brands need to build domain authority through value-added methods that connect them with audiences and industry experts. A quick win through corporate action will not sustain results.

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