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National Pharmacy Education Day

National pharmacy education day every year is celebrated on 6 of March. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of processor Mahadeva Lal Schroff in tribute for his contribution in the pharmacy education in India. He is known as a father of Indian pharmacy education.

Let's discuss the father of Indian pharmacy education and why it is celebrated in India. If you want to know about the theme of pharmacy education day ,importance of pharmacy education and why pharmacy stores are important in India then you can read this article.

What is the theme of national pharmacy day in 2024

The theme of the national pharmacy education day in 2024 is ‘Leveraging Synergism: Industry-Academia partnership for implementation of National Education policy. It is set by Pharmacy council of India to raise awareness and importance of pharmacy education in India.


Father of Indian pharmacy education 

processor Mahadeva Lal Schroff who is known for the development of pharmacy education in India. He was born on 6 march 1902.He   completed so many pharmacy courses from banaras Hindu university (BHU) because of his dedication towards pharmacy education pharmacy council of India decided to celebrate pharmacy education day on 6 march every year on the occasion of processor Mahadeva Lal Schroff birth anniversary.

National Pharmacy Education Day
National Pharmacy Education Day

Let's understand why pharmacy education is important 

As we all know that education gives us opportunities to fulfil our dreams in different sectors. It gives us financial support. If we are educated we can easily survive in this modern era because this world is growing rapidly. Pharmacy education is important for our safety. It ensures the medical procedure and gives right information to the patients.

Why Pharmacy stores are important in India

Let's discuss why we need pharmacy stores in India.

We are living in a country whose population is highest in the world. So definitely we need more pharmacy stores for the patients. It is very necessary to enhance the knowledge about pharmacy in India for informing the use of injections, drugs, medicines to the patients. Even it is important for us to know about the pharmacy education to help our family in emergency situations. We can help our family in an emergency if we know about the purpose of the medicines or injections.

If we are living in a backward area where there are no stores available within a 10 km area then it's very difficult for us to fulfil our need for now you can think why pharmacy stores are important in every area within 5km so that when we need we can reach there easily but for our family healthcare we have to know about the important medical knowledge like if someone has a heart attack and no any doctor there for checkup in nearby area you have to now about the important needy medicines kit for this problem that can decrease the chances of death.

So now it's very important for you to contribute yourself for raising the awareness of pharmacy education day in India.

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