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Perfect Answer for the Interview Questions

We can't read the comments, sorry, but we're giving you the next best thing: a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers, plus tips on how to find your own answers.

While preparing for the job interview, you can think about the questions the employer will ask you. Even if you don't know exactly what topics will be discussed, there are many general questions you can expect.

Could you tell me a little about yourself and briefly explain your background?

Participants enjoy hearing stories about candidates. Make sure your story has a good beginning, a twist in the middle, and an ending that will make the interviewer want to convince you to win the job.


Take time to think about your reputation in your workplace and industry. What do your teammates and bosses say about you? Do you spend time with co-workers outside of work or with people who think you're a misfit?

What do you think about this position?

While this may seem simple at first, you should take every opportunity to show that you are interested in the company.

Even if you haven't updated the company's website for open positions, treat it as if you have (professionally, of course). Show excitement and curiosity.

If someone at the company gave you information about a position or asked you to apply, be sure to say so.

Interview Question
Interview Question

What do you think are your weaknesses?

Every candidate does his best when applying for a job. Hiring managers are looking for an overview of your self-awareness and how you handle constructive criticism. It's important to be honest when answering this question, but plan your answer carefully. Formulate your answer in a way that demonstrates that you are actively seeking personal and professional development and growth.

Why are you interested in this role?

Employers want to know how you researched the company. Are you looking for an open position or interested in what this unique role and organization offers? Here you can share details about the company and why this job fits your career goals.

Review Interview

Role plays are a great way to practice answering interview questions. Playing games with friends or family shows you how to handle yourself when you are in a difficult situation. It also helps you practice your answers and can increase your confidence.

What makes you special?

Employers often ask this question to find out why you might be more qualified than other candidates. To answer this, focus on why your offer will be beneficial to the employer. Because you don't know what others want, it can be difficult to think of your own response in relation to their wants. By sharing why your background makes you a good fit, employers can understand why your personality and abilities are a good fit.

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