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The Cause and Effect of Violence in School

School violence is violence that usually happens in the school setting. It narrates  the violent acts that disrupt the learning and leave a  negative effect on the students, schools, and on other communities .School is not a place where violence can  occur. But if it does happen then we will explain to you the reason of violence.

Here are the reasons of violence:

  • Poverty 

  • The religious or cultural practices 

  • Schools which are Under resourced

  • Ruthless or violent parenting 

  • From home to school’s way

  • During the school’s event

Children with some risk factors like disability, poverty, and living in institutional care  are more likely to be sufferers of violence. 

Here are some examples of effect of violence in School:

  • Bullying and cyberbullying

  • Fighting with each other like punching, slapping, kicking.

  • Use of Weapon 

  • Violence in Gang

  • Sexual harassment

How to prevent violence 

Every student has the right to educate themselves in a safe school environment. And the good news is violence is not a big deal we can prevent it easily. Many factors are there which increases the violence in schools. The violence in school is totally prevented but it only can happen if teacher , parents, community members and it also depends on student how they can prevent such things to improve the school environment.

Effect of Violence
Effect of Violence

It is very important to build a strong communication with your child , if they are not properly listening to you or you are not giving them your time. They will not learn the adequate way to communicate with others and create violence at home and School. Children are impressionable if they are living in such an environment like hitting or shouting. They think that this is acceptable behavior and they can also do the same with others.

Check Through software,there are lots of software these days through which you can identify which student is suffering from the mental health issues. And can cure as soon as possible. If students are living in the environment where they are facing violence , miss behave, bullying etc. it can effect  there mental health. But there are many software which can monitor student’s activity , strength, or mental health issue.


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