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Top 10 AI tools in 2024

Although the dust has settled from last year's AI storm, ChatGPT is just one of hundreds of powerful tools at play. From smart new  features to your favorite apps  to completely new features with stunning functionality, there's an AI-powered solution for your next productivity challenge. 


 What are artificial intelligence tools? 

 AI tools are not your answer to  everything. 


 AI tools don't work like magic (even though they  seem to work most of the time). Technically, AI tools use machine learning techniques to answer your questions and perform basic tasks; it's all based on certain parameters you enter. 



AI chatbots

 The classroom that brings AI into the mainstream is a good place to start. AI Chat allows you to chat with  AI in a wide variety of languages, so you can ask questions and get answers via chat. Great conversations involving deep thinking and logic, coding and math. 



ChatGPT Plus 

 ChatGPT Plus is an OpenAI subscription-based service that extends the ChatGPT experience with additional benefits. ChatGPT Plus, which aims to provide users with an uninterrupted and fast experience, provides access even during busy hours. 

Artificial Intelligence Tool
Artificial Intelligence Tool


 Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe Premiere Pro integrates AI to make video editing easier, featuring Auto Reframe to sync footage across device and Scene Editing Detection to automatically identify and edit scenes. The tool simplifies work by creating text-based images and text-to-speech, which increases interactivity and engagement. is a fast, functional copy editor. Each of your answers provides a list of options, and it's up to you to make the most of your article. It is best to note down tasks that require a lot of attention and effort, such as copying. 



Byword offers a high-quality AI copywriter designed to create content in the field. It focuses on creating original, engaging content that meets the needs of content creators and businesses looking to improve their strategies with AI-powered solutions. Integrates with popular video recording tools for ease of use and workflow. 



AI Generator for Canva 

AI Generator for Canva is one of the new free AI tools that can quickly help your marketing and design teams. Canva's AI Art Creator lets you turn simple text into beautiful works of art  you won't find anywhere else in seconds! This free AI tool will help you  find the perfect image or illustration for your presentations, social media posts and more. With Canvas AI Art Generator you can instantly imagine, describe and create your own artwork. 


Download is a true AI tool that uses capabilities to search and interact. Enables HR teams to find, attract, retain and manage high-quality talent with automated recommendations.

Fireflies AI offers an AI-powered tool designed to increase meeting efficiency by automatically recording, transcribing and summarizing meetings. Integrates with popular video recording tools  for easy workflows and workflows.


Palette FM is an artificial intelligence-supported tool that makes it easier for users to breathe new life into old photos by colorizing black and white photos. It has an easy-to-use interface that requires no downloads; You just need to upload your image to their website. focuses on improving the process of distinguishing history in images. Designed for photographers, designers and all users who need fast, accurate editing.

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