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Top 10 Ai Tools in 2024 Apart from Chatgpt and Gemini

AI has become a buzzword for programs that perform complex tasks that once required human attention, such as talking to customers online or playing chess. The term is often used interchangeably with its subfields, including machine learning (ML) and deep learning.

But there’s a difference, let ‘s understand Machine learning with example , focuses on building systems that learn or enhance their performance based on the data they use. It’s important to remember that while all machine learning is artificial intelligence, not all AI is machine learning.

To get the full value from AI, many companies are investing heavily in data science teams. Information science combines mathematics, computer science and business intelligence to create value in different markets.

Why Buy Artificial Intelligence?

The amount of information provided today by both sides or we can say humans and machines far surpass the capacity of humans to process, interpret, and make complex decisions based on this information. Artificial intelligence is the foundation of all computer learning and the future of complex decision making. For example, most people can figure out how not to lose during tic-tac-toe (zeroes and middles), even though there are 255,168 unique moves, 46,080 of which result in a draw. Very few people are considered 500 x 1018 grand chess champions, or with more than 500 trillion different possibilities. Computers work hard to calculate these combinations and permissions to achieve better results. Artificial intelligence (and the logical evolution of machine learning) and deep learning are the fundamental future of business decision-making.

What are artificial intelligence tools?

AI tools are software tools that use artificial intelligence to solve specific problems. By problems, we mean many tasks, such as writing documents, analyzing big data, or predicting the next big earthquake.

AI tools are already changing the way we use and interact with technology (think Siri, Google Maps, or Netflix's smart algorithm), and this change will accelerate in the future.

We are set to witness a lot of beneficial activities across all sectors and industries, especially with the emergence of a new type of artificial intelligence, also known as artificial brain, that can produce extraordinary things that have never been seen before.

ChatGPT is probably the most popular language. Much of its power comes from the variety of functions you can use it with. Flexibility means you can develop new and unique solutions to your problems.

But you can also consider other chats on ChatGPT.

While OpenAI's ChatGPT is the dominant player in the AI ​​authoring tools market, with over 100 million weekly users, it is not the only solution. Another variation on the user experience are features that ChatGPT does not mention.

For example, other systems may use large multilingual formats (LLMs), offer the ability to edit images and provide quick help, or have a text format that helps companies better achieve their goals. Here we described the top 10 AI tools in 2024.

Most Used Tools in 2024

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Like Google, Microsoft is building the power of AI in various parts of the Microsoft 365 suite. This AI-powered system is called Microsoft 365 Copilot. Among other things, it lets you edit and proofread in Word, create PowerPoint slides, analyze trends in Excel, and summarize important topics discussed in teams. However, Microsoft offers this version of Copilot with two Microsoft 365 business plans called Business Standard and Business Premium.

Github Copilot

Github's AI solution is also called Copilot because Microsoft owns a large portion of Github. Github Copilot helps you complete the code by giving you detailed information about the code. You should ask your question in natural language. It also allows you to transcode between different languages ​​and recognize unknown code is a conversational AI engine that uses a wide range of languages ​​developed by OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and others. have . model. The

is intended for commercial use such as marketing and sales. It can also provide inspiration and help marketing or sales teams like ChatGPT. We tried the same question about "comets" in the chat and it was correct when I used the word "comet" but did not replace it with the word "rock".

In this case, the wrong word 'stone' took out of the correct context and led to the wrong answer. He also answered the question "Hillary Clinton" incorrectly.


Claude (from Anthropic) is an AI assistant capable of multitasking, chatting, and word processing. The development of

Claude is based on anthropic research into training artificial intelligence systems to be helpful, fair, and harmless.

Claude can help with use cases like complex concepts, overviews, searches, questions and answers, coding, and more. It is available to developers via a chat and API.


Perplexity.AI was built to understand user issues through follow-up questions, summarizing findings, and extracting data from various sources to provide comprehensive feedback. According to CEO Aravind Srinivas,

currently has 10 million monthly users.

uses OpenAI and Claude's GPT-4 API and responds by serving websites and asking users follow-up questions to dig deeper into a particular topic.


Elicit is a self-described AI research assistant who says he can assist with research and other tasks.

The primary core competency is called literature research. When you submit a question, Elicit will provide a summary of the research and documentation relevant to your question.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro integrates AI to make video editing easier, featuring Auto Reframe to blend footage and Scene Editing Detection to automatically identify tracks. The tool simplifies work by creating text-based images and text-to-speech, which increases engagement and interaction.


Byword offers a high-performance AI text editor designed for creating content in the field. It focuses on creating original, engaging content that meets the needs of creators and businesses looking to improve their strategies with AI-driven solutions.

Fireflies AI offers an AI-powered tool designed to increase meeting efficiency by automatically recording, transcribing and summarizing meetings. Integrates with popular video recording tools for easy workflows and workflows.

Otter can be used to record and transcribe audio, both privately and personally. Can automatically log into Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to record audio, take notes, record video, and provide meeting summaries.

It is possible to ask questions regarding the chat and Otter Pilot will respond immediately. This can save a lot of time and improve the way you run meetings.

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