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Top 5 free trendy courses

Vocational qualifications are useful tools for developing skills and abilities in today's competitive labor market. They demonstrate your dedication and skills and open the door to lucrative employment opportunities. Amid the lockdown, many courses are showing candidates the way back by equipping them with the latest skills for the workplace.

What are online courses?

Online Courses are online education and training programs. You can view and study your favorite lessons on your mobile device, computer or laptop. Students, housewives and professionals are busy with online courses. Courses allow you to access learning materials anytime, anywhere.


ALISON has tons of free, comprehensive courses on technology, languages, science, finance, personal and social skills, entrepreneurship and much more. It is suitable for all types of students, from professionals to executives, from teachers to freelancers. You can also research a career you have or find courses that would benefit you.


 From completely free courses taught by experts, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to frequent discounts and paid courses from experts, Udemy has a lot to offer students on a budget. You can explore courses in engineering, business, design and marketing, as well as productivity, health, entertainment, social and  arts.

Data Science

Data Science programs typically focus on data analytics, data visualization, statistics, and predictive analytics. The course is aimed at people in technical engineering roles such as data scientists, data analysts, business analysts and machine learning researchers.

Whether you're a startup, a marketing professional, or a software engineer, scientific knowledge can advance your career.

trendy courses
trendy courses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are exciting capabilities for the 21st century. A degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning can help advance the careers of IT professionals with a background in mathematics or statistics.

Such programs include a variety of languages, tools, and libraries to facilitate student learning. Examples of technologies learned include Python, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Keras, REST API, and more. Moreover, learning opportunities increase as the program is presented through video and real life. Learning LinkedIn Learning When you subscribe to

LinkedIn Learning

You'll find thousands of courses on business, design, art, education and technology, as well as career and personal development. You can view all of your credentials on your LinkedIn page and get insight into what others in your network are learning. Plus, LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month free trial to test it out!

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