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Top 7 Best Career Options for Science Students: Which Should You Select in 2024

What about after 12 o'clock? For many students, choosing a career option after 12th standard can be difficult. With thousands of career courses to choose from today, deciding which career path to follow and what the key to a successful and successful career is more confusing than ever. If you are a science student with a combined PCM subject (physics, chemistry and mathematics), there is a wide range of PCM careers you can find. While this is good news, you need to know your options and how to properly manage your career. Figure out what you like about

Since you may have to follow a mouse species, we recommend following what you like. If you want to start a traditional career like engineering, medicine, or architecture, definitely do so. However, if you want to choose a career as a designer and take a design course, why not? Take time to understand what you want to achieve.

Research and Select Related Courses

Once you have narrowed down the field of study you are interested in, go ahead and search for the types of courses available in that field. Many part-time/full-time courses, distance learning, diplomas and more are available. Get a certificate with examination for the best course after 12th.

Chemical Technology

This role involves converting natural and synthetic chemicals into products. They work in all sectors, especially research, energy and manufacturing. Chemical engineers often conduct research and development to create chemicals used as fuels, medicines, food, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products.

Chemists must complete a four-year bachelor's degree in chemistry to find employment.

Average Basic Salary - ₹19,658 per month

Software Engineer

Develops hardware, software and digital solutions. Software engineers create, test and optimize solutions to achieve business goals and write code to identify and fix bugs. Software engineers typically complete a four-year degree in Computer Science Engineering before starting their careers.

Average Basic Salary -, 5 24,519 per month

Medical and Healthcare Fields (PCB Stream)

Key Points

Positions: Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Medical Laboratory Technologist etc.

With exactly 12 PCBs

For MBBS/BDS: Clear NEET-UG for admission in medical/dental colleges.

For other healthcare responsibilities: B.Pharm, B.Sc Nursing, BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) etc. Pursue advanced undergraduate degrees such as.

Master's degrees may be pursued for advanced responsibilities.

Average base salary - 30,000 per month

Machine Learning

ML Researchers work with scientists, analysts, data managers, and executives. Their main mission is to develop artificial intelligence systems to create predictive models. They analyze and analyze large amounts of data and create models.

To become a machine learning engineer, you must complete a four-year degree in computer science or computer science. Additionally, AI ML certification ensures that you are job ready, which is the highest quality for job seekers in the industry.

Average annual salary -, 4,22,980 per annum


Architecture is one of the most popular courses that combines analytical and critical thinking with your creativity to produce the most talented professionals in this field.

It is one of the most inspiring and fun activities that will allow you to discover your new skills. You can combine technological expertise and innovation in the design and creation of new buildings, rural and urban landscapes.

Average salary - 45 1,45,000 per month.


Zoology is considered a very interesting branch of science that deals with different animals and how they work. This is one of the most sought-after courses after 12th standard for people interested in the animal world.

As a biologist, you can work as a biologist, teacher, veterinarian, forensic expert. There are also animal trainers, nature writers, conservationists and conservationists.

Average Annual Salary – INR 3,00,000 to INR 4,50,000


Economy is one of the most important factors leading to a successful and prosperous career in various fields. It is a unique field where you earn respect and admiration. This is a highly in-demand and well-paying job for those who pursue it.

Average annual salary - 5,00,000 - 7,00,000

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