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Types of Learning for Children

We all know that every child is different in their own way .Every kid has a different skill set, strengths and weaknesses , which depend on their personalities. And according to their personality their participation in play activities also may vary .All these preferences are the learning ways which helps children to process and store information they collect everyday.

There are few basic learning styles like visual , auditory, verbal and physical or Kinesthetic. These are the style which is used by kids to understand the information they get.

Here are some type of learning

Visual Learning

Some children use their visual memory to remember the information and are known as visual learners. They  choose the visual or spatial kind of learning. They thinks that this is a very easy way to understand the concept when the things are explained in the form of diagrams , charts , pictures , videos and more.

Physical Learning 

Children who used to  choose  hands-on learning or interactive learning that are known as  physical learners. They don’t like to listen to lectures or sit for a long time in class and select  movement.

They are most of the time restless by their nature and choose  tangible objects, like props and  models, so that they can touch and feel the object and understand the topic. For those children the teacher uses the proper or models to make them understand.

Auditory Learning 

Some children love to learn things through  hearing or saying them clearly and prefer the auditory learning way. Auditory learners are very prone listeners who notice each and everything very fast. They love to participate in debates and Group discussion and love to exchange their thoughts with others. Teachers make use of various voice modulations and changing pitches while telling them stories or reading books. Stories , debates and such kind of happening activities help kids to enhance their 

Discussions, debates, or story narrations are interesting activities for kids that help improve their attentive  skills, too. 

Types of learning
Types of learning

Verbal Learning

The verbal learning method of learning involves reading and writing a study material to understand it in a better way. Verbal learners used to select reading the written stuff  or writing it for  themselves. Such types of learner have a good vocabulary and they also play tongue twisters etc. For these type of students teacher play with them word games like crosswords puzzles , as well as write their tricks or show them verbally 

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