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Ways of monitoring students mental health

Mental Health refers to the psychological, social and more importantly emotional aspects of every person. Mental health is important at every stage of life, especially during adolescence. Mental health affects how you feel about yourself, your relationships with others, and the world around you. It also helps determine how you behave and cope with stress, anxiety, and other problems that may arise in your life.

Mental illness can be defined as a state of emotional and psychological distress. It is the ability to cope with the daily stresses of life, work, family and relationships. People with mental illness can control daily situations.

Mental illness is a condition that affects thinking, feeling or thinking. These conditions can affect the ability to interact with others and function in school. Depression is a treatable condition that usually responds well to medication or psychotherapy.

Mental Health of Students

A student's mental health is a complex issue that can have a huge impact on their educational experience as well as their life in general. Mental health is an umbrella term for many different disorders, including depression and anxiety, but also includes less serious problems such as stress and burnout.

A student with mental illness may discover it difficult to learn beneficially , get along with peers and teachers, or participate in extracurricular activities. In addition to these issues, students dealing with mental health often have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviors.

Monitor student routine:- To monitor the routine of a student it is important to check his absences from class. It can be done by maintaining the attendance sheet of students on a regular basis. It is one of the most important ways of tracking the mental health of a student.

Provide Safe space To Express :- Providing students a Safe space To Express themselves is the most effective way of monitoring student health. Students who get the opportunity to express themselves have less mental health issues. When students find safe space to express themselves they are more likely to complain about the difficulties they are facing.

Keep in touch with Family :-Teachers are the first who came to know whether a student is suffering from mental health issues. It is important for the teachers to keep in touch with the family of students and discuss mental health issues.

Mental Health of Students
Mental Health of Students

Wellness and Mindfulness curriculum :- The most important way of monitoring students mental health is by preparing a wellness and mindful curriculum as a regular part of their studies. It is most important for the students to take care of themselves. Students should be encouraged to participate in yoga and meditation classes.

We all want our beloved students to succeed in life but neglecting their mental health issues will result in catastrophic results at a later stage of life. As a community and civilized society it is most important to take care of mental health issues of our younger generation So that they can take loads of  future responsibilities on their shoulders.

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