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What are machine learning algorithms?

Updated: May 16

Perhaps we are at a defining moment in human history. This was the moment when computers transitioned from large mainframes to PCs and the cloud. But the important thing is not what happened, but what will happen in the coming years which can be created through machine learning algorithms. What makes this time interesting and exciting for someone like me is the democratization of various machine learning and computer optimization tools, techniques, and algorithms. Welcome to the world of information science!

Today, as a data scientist, I can build data processing machines and complex algorithms for a few dollars an hour. But getting here wasn't easy! I've had days and nights.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Supervised Learning Algorithms

How it works: This algorithm consists of a target/outcome variable (or dependent variable) that must be predicted by some predictors (independent variables). Using this variable we create a function that matches the input data with the desired output. The training process continues until the model reaches the desired level of accuracy on the training data. Examples of supervised learning: regression, decision tree, optimal forest, KNN, logistic regression, etc.

Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning Algorithms

Supervised Learning Organization

Classification, Revision, and Planning. classification: During the classification process, the machine learning program must draw conclusions from the observed values ​​and define the new class to look at. For example, when you filter an email as 'spam' or 'not spam' the app should look at the available tracking data and filter the email accordingly.

Regression: Regression requires a machine learning program to predict and understand the relationship between variables. Regression analysis focuses on a single dependent variable and a number of other variables, making it very useful for forecasts and predictions.

Forecasting: Forecasting is the process of predicting the future based on past and current data and is used to analyze trends.

Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

How it works: In this algorithm we have no objective or outcome variables to predict/compare (called random data). It is used to make recommendations or connect people with different groups. Clustering algorithms are widely used to divide customers into different groups for specific activities. Examples of unsupervised learning: Apriori algorithm, K-means clustering.

As you examine more information, the ability to make decisions based on that information becomes increasingly better and more refined.

Under Unsupervised Learning Process, Fall: Merging: Merging involves combining similar groups of data (according to defined criteria). To find the method, it is important to divide the data into different groups and perform analysis on each data set.

Parameter Reduction: Parameter reduction reduces the number of variables considered to obtain the precise data required.

Semi-supervised LearningSemi-supervised learning is a type of machine learning algorithm that falls somewhere between supervised and unsupervised machine learning. It shows the difference between supervised learning algorithms (with labeled training data) and unsupervised learning (without labeled training data) and uses a combination of labeled and unlabeled data during training.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning works on logic-based processes in which an AI agent (a piece of software) automatically explores its environment by touching and watching, acquiring strategies, learning from experience, and improving performance. Our Prophet is rewarded for every good deed and punished for every evil deed; Therefore, the purpose of rewarding a learning employee is to increase the rewards.

In reinforcement learning, as in supervised learning, there is no written information and employees only learn what they see.

Custom Neural Network

This is a machine learning course. An ANN is a mathematical representation of how the human brain works. It learns like a human and machines learn expressions, topics, etc. It helps to recognize.

Machine learning is now widely used in various applications. There are also facial recognition, voice assistants, etc. on mobile phones. It is also used in other ways in our daily lives, such as:

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