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What is Social Marketing?

Updated: Mar 13

Social marketing is a technique to make people aware and change the behaviour of an individual and society as a whole for social marketing is different from another because it is not used for making money like other types of marketing but used to change the behaviour of the society for its good.If you want to know about the social marketing use,importance and origin you can read the complete article written below.

Its Origin Social Marketing

‘Social marketing’ is a word first introduced by Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman in 1971.Marketing is a term derived from the Latin word mercatus (marketplace) from Ancient Rome.

Why It Is Important

Social marketing is important for social good. Its main aim is to make people aware of the evil acts that are increasing in the society. Social marketing helps the society for changing and modifying in the actual behavior of an individual or society. It promotes public health, general health, and social awareness in the society. With the help of social marketing technique government aware the people through the Tv ads, social campaigning, posters, social media posts etc. It changes the practices of the society to aware about the acts that are not good for the society like anti-dowry, anti-corruption, child labor, say no to tobacco, anti-drugs campaigns, anti-pollution campaigns, protection of girl child campaigns , green marketing campaigns etc.

 Social Marketing
Social Marketing

Benefits Of  Social Marketing

Social marketing is a technique used for the change in environment and economic problems that are responsible for poverty, public health, general health, education , global warming, green imperishable etc. It helps to grow your business online and attract the audience from different countries easily.

How We Can Use  Grow Through  Social Marketing

Social Marketing can help to grow your business in different ways.

Brand promotion

It helps to promote your brand with the help of posts which you share with your audience, and gives you the chance to connect with other brands and online product pages.

Customer loyalty

Posts you share with your followers are good for your business that creates transparency.

Customer feedback

It helps you grow and modify your business strategies with the help of your audience feedback.

Fast and easy

You can share posts in social media easily and give the information of your business to your audience very fast.

Free or low cost

It is free for most of the businesses and low cost for paid options.

Targeted audience 

You can choose your audience on the basis of your topic of the post which you want to share with you followers. You can even choose the age group for the audience you want to share your information with.

Increase Audience 

You can increase you audience with your posts shared on social media by opting the paid options for targeting audience or you can share your posts on the stories or with the followers who also share your posts on their stories which enhance your followers.

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