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What is the Instagram Algorithm to rank Reels?

If you often find yourself stuck in a rut, scrolling through Instagram’s Explore page because you can’t get enough, you’re not alone. In an effort to constantly improve the user exposure, Instagram really made it a point to only show you the most important things you’re likely to come across. This means that if you understand how Instagram’s algorithm works, you can plan strategies to improve your rankings and grow your followers on the site.

However, it can be difficult to keep up with Instagram’s constant tweaking and changing of its algorithm. How does Instagram’s algorithm really work in 2024? Let's take a closer look at this.

Understand Instagram Algorithms

As Instagram has grown, it has become harder for people to find everything they care about. There is too much. That's why we've developed algorithms that will show you what you want, when you want it.

But what's not clear: No algorithm can determine what you get, because each part of the program (Feed, Explore, Reels) has its own system based on how you use it.

What is the Instagram algorithm? 

Instagram algorithm is not a single algorithm, but a combination of algorithms, processes and classes that improve user experience. Initially it  used a simple chronological algorithm that shows posts in order of how they were made posts in the order they were created. But by 2024, Instagram's algorithm has become a complex system that determines what content to show to each user based on what interests them most.

According to Instagram, each part of the app uses its own algorithm. This means that the Feed algorithm works differently than the Search Page algorithm. The Explore page uses a different algorithm than Reels. This is because the way users often interact with different parts of the application is different. For example, people like to search for stories about their close friends, but when they go to the search page, they want to discover new things.

This advanced personalization system ensures that the user experience is highly personalized based on each user's preferences. This means no two users will see the same thing on their pages. Even if the same person manages different accounts, the content recommendations for these accounts will not be the same.


Sharing regularly with the right hashtags, especially on Instagram, does not necessarily mean that your new content will reach the target audience. Instead, you should consider how you can work with Instagram's new algorithm information to change your Instagram marketing strategy.

Different parts of Instagram are tracked by different algorithms.

You will find many opinions on how this type of content ranks higher than others on the site.

Celebrity: “Instagram Reels Work Better Than Broadcast Posts.” While this may be true in many cases (I'll explain why below), such statements give the impression that new records and Reels are measured by the same algorithm, giving Reels the upper hand, which is simply not true.

Instead, roles and posts (and stories and studies) are all controlled by a different algorithm. From where? Human behavior tends to differ in different parts of the program. “People love finding their best friends in Stories, using Explore to discover new content and creators, and having fun in Reels,” Mosseri explains.

With that in mind, here's how it works.

How Instagram Views Feed Posts and Stories

Instagram users want to see content from their friends and family in their feeds and stories. The ordering process for these two is more or less the same. Aside from occasional ads, your feed and stories only show content from people you follow.

To better organize the content of your feed and stories, Instagram prioritizes the following features:

Basic information about the post or story. This means, for example, how often they are found, when they are sent, and whether there are any signs


Posts - Instagram's algorithm determines the popularity of posts based on your preferences. It also checks other small details like posting time, duration (in case of video) and location (if any).

Message Information - To understand how important a person is to you, Instagram considers signals such as how often you interact with that person and whether that interaction is recent.

User Activity – Instagram tries to understand what you might be interested in based on things like the number of posts you like and the type of content you like to engage with.

Engagement History - Instagram tries to better understand your overall interest in seeing a particular user's content by looking at signals like whether you've interacted with your posts and vice versa.

How Does Instagram Rank Reels? 

Instagram Reels algorithm works the same as the search page. Accessible by clicking the video icon at the bottom of the app, the Reels stream is designed to help users discover new brands and manufacturers. In this case, entertainment comes to the fore.

The signals IG cares about here are:

User activity. Things like these roles have been liked, saved, rated, commented on, and recently interacted with. User history and fonts. Like Explore, it's possible for a Reel to be shared with someone they don't know, but if the user has interacted with them before, this tells IG that they're very interested in their video.

Information about Haspel. These are signals about the popularity of the video as well as the video content, such as audio or video content. Information about the person who published Reel. “We consider popularity indicators such as number of followers or level of engagement to help find engaging content from the largest number of people and give everyone the opportunity to find their target audience,” says Mosseri.

Recommendation Guidelines for Explore and Reels

Instagram wants to reduce the chance of soliciting recommendations from people they may find offensive. To this end, they have published detailed instructions for submitting bids.

Posts that violate these guidelines may not violate the Community Guidelines and are technically allowed on the site, but will not appear on the search page. Some examples of content that violates the IG Privacy Policy include anything that shows/discuss harm, suicide, eating disorders, or violence; is gender or concept; or promote the use of certain regulated products, such as tobacco.

Instagram Reels

Like Explore, users often get Reels from accounts they don't follow. Instagram uses the same features as Explore, but focuses on what interests the user. One of the main focuses of Instagram is to decide whether the user will watch a portion of the video in its entirety. To increase the visibility of your Reels, first share them on your feed and add hashtags and location tags. Also try working with Reels that will impress your audience. Reels are designed for users to discover them, so you'll want to take advantage of the Reel duplication strategy as soon as possible.

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