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What is the role of technology in distance learning

Updated: Mar 14

In this era, technology is the use of various technical tools and processes to communicate, transport and manipulate information. And it has been part of human culture since prehistory, but has accelerated rapidly since the 20th century. This term is mainly used when we talk about computers and the Internet, but here I want to tell you that technology also includes the infrastructure that allows you to work, including mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Well, technology can be used in different ways: It can help us communicate with other people, for example by sending text messages or voice messages. Today the technology has reached the next level. Let us understand that

technology can be used for both good and bad purposes. For example, it can be used for medical research or military weapons; To improve or destroy lives.

Learning Management Systems

Additionally, many school systems already have their own preferred learning management system (LMS) or course management system (CMS). These include:

  • Brightspace

  • Docebo

  • Moodle

  • Schoolology by Powerschool

  • Oncourse

  • SeeSaw

How are they used for educational purposes? These are tools that schools can use to store and track their information. Think of them as online teaching and training methods.

Data Casting

Some families may not have online access. Data streaming (data dissemination) helps bridge this gap by providing assistance to families in need in rural and urban areas. School systems communicate secure information to students via one-way television broadcasts.

The idea of ​​data streaming is to provide documents, lessons and videos over radio waves to students who do not have access to the Internet. Students will need an antenna and a receiver (which can be a dongle) as well as their WiFi-enabled devices. Students even receive a handy HTML page that describes what they need to do to receive services.

Interactive Videos

What if instead of just having students watch a YouTube video about an algebra problem, there was a way to show math videos while students and teachers provide feedback? Exists! An interactive video provides exactly this scenario, and some apps as well as websites include:

  • Edpuzzle

  • PlayPosit

  • Vialogues

  • VoiceThread

  • WeVideo

Online Textbooks

So you can't go to a library these days?This is fine as there are several online textbooks, open digital textbooks or e-textbooks. In addition, they can usually be downloaded and read free of charge and without special permission from the authors of the teaching materials.

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