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What is the way best way to learn Chinese Mandarin

In a world where the Chinese language is becoming increasingly popular due to the developed economy, many people are looking for ways to learn the Chinese language easily and quickly, whether for work or to communicate with colleagues, but they find it difficult to achieve this.

Are you one of the many people who want to learn the Chinese language easily and quickly for work or to communicate with colleagues? As China's economy grows, the Chinese language is growing in popularity, but learning it can be difficult and frustrating, especially if it's not your native language. But with the right tips and guidance from experts, you can easily learn the Chinese language. In this article we will cover some useful tips on how to learn Chinese, but first let's discuss how long it takes to master Mandarin Chinese and what factors can affect this time.

Do some basic research

It's a good idea to think about which Chinese language you want to learn. Mandarin (traditional Chinese) or other dialects like Cantonese?

Chinese Mandarin is the official language. It's mostly spoken on the mainland, so it might be a good choice if you're planning a holiday to China or want to communicate with foreigners. It is also used in trade between China and North America, so it can be very useful to learn when doing business with a Chinese company.

Cantonese is spoken mainly in North America , so it may be better to talk to Chinese people in Canada or the United States. Many articles or YouTube videos demonstrate the Chinese language, and many experts can help distinguish between these languages.

Why are there traditional and simple Chinese characters?

Whom will I examine?

Why are Chinese characters made up of bars and not the alphabet? What is the history behind this?

What is the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese?

Are 汉语 (hàny|), 中文 (zhōngwén) and 普通话 (p|tōnghuà) the same?

What is your learning objective?

How much time do you want to spend learning this language?

Learning to Speak Fluently

Learning to speak a language fluently will help improve speaking skills. Most people will want to skip the basics of learning Chinese and move on to the more practical and hands-on parts. But

only teaches basic words and is only useful if you want to pick up a few words for conversation. However, if you want to have an extensive conversation with native Chinese speakers, you will need to be fluent in the language.

So how do you learn to speak well? The first step is to learn Pinyin rather than learning complex alphabets.

Pinyin is a word meaning 'sound of words'. It is a writing style designed for Chinese and language students. It is the most commonly used method for transcribing or recording Chinese audio. Letters from the Latin alphabet you know are used.


Chinese Characters Once you have learned Pinyin and its tones and can speak a few sentences in Chinese, you need to start working on characters. You may wonder why it is important to learn Chinese characters. Even if you don't know Chinese characters, you can learn some sentences. However, if you choose this method, you will almost lose your ability to understand and recognize many Chinese words, such as synonyms. If you don't know these characters, you can't be a Chinese expert.

If you start with easy characters, you will see that learning is not as difficult as you think, especially after you pass the first level. The  Chinese characters are divided into four, and knowing the basic characters will provide a solid foundation for future learning.


Many Chinese students have difficulty pronouncing the language out loud. Many remain silent because they are afraid of making mistakes. As a result, they will not be able to learn the language well because they do not speak the language very often. That's why we encourage people to speak Chinese.

On the other hand, learning Chinese is not only speaking but also writing. Speaking and writing Chinese can help you better understand the language and regain fluency. Listening to Chinese music and songs on the radio is another great way to learn Chinese quickly.

For example, you can listen to Chinese radio and sing along with words and sentences. This way you can learn beautiful words and songs. So if you are interested in learning Chinese, you should use it in your daily life to improve your speaking and writing skills. This will help you identify the parts of the language you need to improve.

Learning Sentence Structure

When we talk about scientific topics, we immediately think of grammar. It seems that there are many grammatical points to learn when learning a language. But as I always say: Chinese grammar is actually not as difficult as you think. Unlike other languages, we don't even need to change tenses and genders in Chinese. Using English speakers as an example, you will need to know the difference between English and Chinese and this can give you a general idea of ​​the target language . You can also summarize a lot of grammar if you have learned some rules for tenses. points in a sentence:

Subject + tense + Time + main tense + place (from highest to lowest) + form (can be a verb or a sentence containing its beginning.) + verb + tense + direct object + object

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