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What you can do for the best placement in Digital Marketing

Aryabhatt Classes offers the best expertly designed digital marketing solutions in Pune with 100% business support. Enroll in our world-class training program at an affordable price. We help students launch their careers in the growing and demanding marketing industry. Aryabhatt prepares the student for the industry by imparting knowledge on various techniques and marketing strategies.

Aryabhatt, India's leading internet marketing agency, has included PPC, SEO, SMM and SEM modules in its program. Additionally, our curriculum is tailored to the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs and job seekers. Our Digital Marketing courses are practical and give students the opportunity to work on real projects. Therefore, students are introduced to the roles and responsibilities of a marketing manager.

Moreover, Aryabhatt offers 100% employment assistance to students with unlimited options. We provide lifelong support to students after completing the course. With the industry growing exponentially, students will find numerous job opportunities in the industry. Additionally, our courses help companies maintain a strong presence in digital media. That's why we build successful careers in digital marketing with our industry-leading online marketing solutions.

The research predicts that the growth rate of the digital marketing industry in India is 33.5% and the value of the industry will exceed 255 billion in Indian currency. Hence, there is no doubt that the Indian digital market will grow exponentially and the number of digital marketers will continue to increase. Moreover, the digital industry will create more than 20 million jobs by the end of 2020. Therefore, we can say that there will be many employment opportunities for the growing digital marketers.

  • Unlimited Search Time

  • 100% Timesheet Help

  • Best and Best Price

  • Access Time to Courses

  • Detailed Schedule

  • Mock Interviews and Technical Courses

  • Flexible Timelines

  • Google Adwords and Analytics Certification

What is Marketing Marketing? Are you studying marketing?

Digital marketing is defined as the process of promoting services via the internet. The Internet today includes social media sites, search engines, email, messaging applications and more. But list, metaverse, augmented reality etc. It continues to grow with more discoveries such as. That's why I think everyone who wants a career should learn marketing. The unique beauty of digital marketing is that it is professional and professional. You can learn digital marketing as your second skill. This way you can add futuristic skills to your CV and increase your chances of getting a job. Even if you have a business, a skill like digital marketing can definitely help you sell faster.

Secondly, if you are considering digital marketing as a career, you learn it as a basic skill. The advertising industry will become a 20 billion dollar industry by 2025. It took 60 years for the airline industry to reach $20 billion.

Overall, the industry is moving/growing very fast and needs more people (experts) to help them. This is why demand for digitally savvy marketers is at an all-time high and sales are at an all-time low.

Becoming a digital marketer is a smart decision to make now. . We have a good team of industry experts with many years of experience in the industry. Our industry experts transform students into professional marketing experts. After completing the online marketing program, students become effective digital marketers. Here are the points that make Aryabhatt Classes unique and stand out from the crowd:

100% Business Support:

Aryabhatt Classes offers its students the best practical digital training programs with 100% Business Support. We have partnerships with 500+ companies. After completing the Digital Marketing course, students get unlimited calls and traffic to these client companies. Learn from Industry Experts:

Aryabhatt Classes , India’s best digital marketing agency, has a team of industry experts. Our industry experts have both experience and extensive knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing. Industry experts have designed internet marketing courses and content to suit today's needs. That's why our instructors offer industry-specific training on Digital Marketing to online students.

Live Project Training:

students are given live projects during this live online training program so that they can better understand the basics of marketing. Therefore, during online education, each student is assigned a specific project. This gives them the opportunity to gain practical experience with a professional marketing profile. They can show the different techniques and strategies they have learned in different ways. In addition to

of these, students are also given the opportunity to set up and manage campaigns themselves within the scope of the Online Marketing course.


Interview is an important part of our online marketing programs. These workshops are held regularly by our industry experts to prepare students for job interviews. Mock interviews consist of question and answer sessions. For example, the student was not prepared, which prevented him from showing confidence in a particular topic. The instructor then worked on the lesson until the student was ready to meet.

Google Adwords and Analytics Certification:

Aryabhatt Classes understands that certifications add value and weight to the ratings of professionals, business owners, and job seekers. That's why we entered into a partnership with Google. During our Digital Marketing course, students can obtain an advanced degree in search engine marketing. Students who complete our online marketing programs receive Google Adwords and Analytics certification.

Lifelong Support:

A student's journey in the Aryabhatt Classes system does not end with graduation. We provide lifelong support to students and ensure their career success. Students receive unlimited speaking engagements if they wish to change jobs at the end of their marketing careers. Therefore, TechnoBridge offers unlimited calls and multiple transfers through the customer's company. This subject will be offered to students until they find a job in the advertising industry.

Internship letter:

Aryabhatt Classes also offers students the opportunity to intern at leading companies during their Online Marketing courses. During the internship, students learn about the roles and responsibilities of the marketing profession. Internships also provide students with the opportunity to work on many real-life projects. Students are also given an internship letter. The internship letter includes details of the live projects

assigned to him during his internship. Internships can help students break into the marketing industry, as experiential marketing professionals need a lot of experience.

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