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Which is better SEO or PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is an internet marketing technique in which advertisers pay a website each time their ad is clicked, and the advertiser pays only for the click. Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo Ads are based on the idea of ​​pay per click. PPC is the fastest way to be listed on the top pages of search engines. It allows you to target your audience in any country, region or city and using PPC techniques you can get up to conversions on your website, sometimes referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a web optimization technique used to optimize a website in order to increase its ranking in search engine results. It is the process of generating traffic from free, organic, editorial or natural search engine results. SEO helps search engines understand what each page is about and how it can be used by the user. In SEO we can use keywords, title tags, image tags and simple HTML code.

Latest SERPs Features:

  • Ads

  • Information Boards.

  • Special parts.

  • cards.

  • photos.

  • Most Read News (News).

  • people are asking.

  • Carousel. List of

  • Species.

  • Search tools (related searches, etc.)

  • is too much advertising.


Benefits of SEO:

How Can You Benefit from SEO? How are organic listings different from paid listings that appear above organic listings?


Appears in search engines for your keywords that describe your business.


Being around business search terms and informative questions about your business can provide great marketing benefits.

Your brand can be associated with credibility among searchers who inquire about the research that led to the purchase.

Credibility and Trust

If your website produces organic results, this can change your credibility with your target group.

Most users remove ads and rely on organic search results, especially during the purchase search phase. Visibility gives your company a major stamp of approval.


As we mentioned in the overview of the nature of research section, the results of organic research are very different and varied.

Therefore, there is a great opportunity to showcase your business to your customers while they are researching a purchase.

Reputation and Reviews

search results include review prospect as to why they would buy from many sources. Having strong reviews and testimonials on your site will increase your credibility.


Increasing website traffic gives you more opportunities to engage and educate your potential customers on why they should buy.


is free from automated biological research. Improving this visibility takes time and effort (money), but there is no cost per impression or click.

Return on Investment (ROI)

As paid clicks become increasingly expensive, smart SEO can deliver a better return on investment from clicks.


While SEO isn't cheap or easy, generating traffic and traffic to your website is often more costly than other marketing methods.

Lifetime Unlike

PPC, organic traffic does not stop when you stop paying. Therefore, efforts to develop organic traffic can support a business when its marketing budget is limited.

No Pay Per Click

Not all keywords convert the same, and SEO can help you target users at the point of purchase first without paying for those few clicks.


You face so many new challenges every day that you need a lot of strength to achieve coverage. You don't want to pay for any type of clicks or ads on any part of your website.

SEO: Disadvantages

SEO has many advantages, but it is not without problems.

  • Very competitive

  • Search results are highly correlated with different types of results. Search results are dominated by ads.

  • Most search results are dominated by giants (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

  • Local solutions can be overly localized, resulting in negative radioactivity.

  • Content promotion is difficult for small businesses. Tricks like

  • Link building are complex and cover up bad news online.

  • Changing algorithms can cause chaos and unexpected changes.

  • Too much bad news can waste your time.

These tools are useful, but it takes experience to know what to do and what to ignore.

Benefits of PPC

How is paid search different from organic search? If SEO brings free traffic, why would a company consider paid search?

Focus on

PPC offers a laser-like approach to getting in front of customers.

Ads can be targeted by keyword, time of day, day of the week, geography, language, device and audience based on previous visits. On the other hand, biodiversity has not ended yet.

Speed ​​

While organic development can take time, PPC campaigns can be created in days and scaled in weeks. There is no faster way to reach customers interested in making a purchase than through search engine marketing. Paid search is dominated by top-tier content.

Typically with four ads on desktop and three on mobile, the user will always see paid search ads even if they choose to scroll.

Optimizing Ads PPC advertising is just that: advertising. You have more control and more time to deliver your marketing message.

Searches, locations, sitelinks, rates, and bullets (calls) are some of the options for creating dominant ads on the page.

Dynamic Ad Copy

Responsive Google Search Ads with 15 headlines and 4 keywords, offering over 30,000 variations with segmentation. This allows your ads to be personalized to generate clicks.

Display Ads

Where you sell products, Google offers ad options (place ads or PLAs) that help users find what to click. Advertising Using paid search advertising can help you find the right people. Even if they do some brand research before coming back and clicking on your website, this visibility will benefit your business.


Although expensive, PPC can help you keep your budget under control. Choose the amount you want to spend daily (preferably the first and best return) and set a limit.


Contrary to what most advertisers think, a well-built and managed PPC account can be a cost-effective way to generate revenue for your business.

If you're a local business targeting a small geographic area and a small set of keywords, you'll find that you can generate plenty of revenue without having to spend a lot of money.

Additionally, accounting records can be further improved over time to reduce costs and increase profits.

PPC: Disadvantages

Of course, PPC has many advantages. However, there are some pitfalls that advertisers should be aware of.

  • PPC can be expensive.

  • PPC can be very competitive from a business perspective.

  • PPC requires constant investment. Stop using traffic

  • and copy dry easily.

  • Easy to start, hard to master

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