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Why Speaking English is Important for You?

Updated: Mar 8

English is the international language which helps us to communicate with people worldwide. Today we are living in a technological era where language plays an important role in expanding the business of an individual all over the world. English gives us millions of opportunities to attract people from different places.

Let's understand why only English is crucial for us to speak

If you want to go abroad for academic or job opportunities then English is the basic demand of famous countries to admit you in institutions or workplaces. Speaking English is very important for us today because it is an international language which helps us to share our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the people belonging from other countries.

English as an international language 

As we all know that in this world we are living in today there are so many languages. It is not possible for us to understand each and every language so English is a language which is accepted by many countries globally. English gives us ease to Communicate with people from different countries who are not familiar with other official languages of the countries. If you know English it means you can understand the thoughts and beliefs of an individual from any country who is speaking in English with you.

Speaking English is Important for You
Speaking English is Important for You

Speaking English for job opportunities

If you want to go abroad for your higher education then it is very important for you to learn English. Everyone wants to make money and money comes from experience and skills. Almost every institution in the foreign demands the basic knowledge of the English language from their employees.


Many students from different countries every year go abroad for education and give basic English language ability tests according to the demand of their universities.

Why is speaking English important in India?

India, that is Bharat, is a democratic country. It has different cultures, languages, thoughts, and styles which attracts foreigners to visit. India has so many historical places. Every year people come here to see the beauty of India from different countries who are unfamiliar with the languages of India so they can communicate with us in English. English gives us the opportunity to expand our business in the world.

In Schools and colleges of India English is a compulsory subject. Nowadays companies also demand the basic understanding of English language to attract their clients from different countries.

So if you want to make your career successful today with financial support, you have to learn spoken English.

Let me tell you how you can improve your spoken English skills at home.

  • Start speaking the words you know 

  • Read articles, editorial or NCERT books for basic understanding 

  • You may watch English movies, web series or news

  • Try to communicate with real human in English language with whom you are comfortable 

  • Learn the vocabulary of English and try to make sentences with the help of those words

  • You can listen English songs as well

  • Talk with your friends in English on the calls.

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