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Why you should learn Power BI

Power BI is a technology tool used by a company or a set of services, applications, and connections to transform discrete, raw data into visible, interactive, actionable, and insightful data and information. Microsoft has developed and integrated business analytics, data visualization and best practices. The key benefits of BI are based on helping companies make data-driven decisions through interactive dashboards and business reports.

Power BI is a unique tool for organizations looking to launch, prioritize and improve their business through data-driven intelligence. It's no surprise that the benefits of BI have made this Microsoft product one of the most popular data analytics platforms in the world, ranking in the "2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms" for the fourteenth consecutive year. appointed as market leader.


Broadly speaking, Power BI consists of three main technologies:

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is “a data visualization technology that helps you create data structures, create relationships, and generate statistics” (Microsoft). You can use Power Pivot to work with large data sets, create relationships, and perform calculations all in one place.

Power Challenge

Power Challenge is the integration of Microsoft's data and data planning technology. It lets you access data from hundreds of different sources, from CSVs to SQL databases, and transform that data to meet your needs. You don't need any code to use Power Query and it provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Everybody can easily learn

Power BI is the most effective, but don't allow that put you off: it has a very smooth learning curve. Like any program, it takes some time to get the hang of it; That's what the Power Bi course is about! But if you already have experience with Excel, Power BI won't feel any different once you've mastered the basics.

In some ways Power Bi is even easier to use than Excel. For example, creating powerful visualizations in Power BI is a breeze once you get the hang of it, and you can do it faster than in Excel.

Power BI
Power BI

Required Skills- Currently there are numerous job openings for candidates with BI skills. You can easily verify this yourself: just search for 'Power BI' in job postings like LinkedIn Jobs. For example, at the time of writing LinkedIn lists 187,065 open positions involving 'Power BI'.

That's because the power of Power BI and its integration with Microsoft's suite of other professional tools and tools used by thousands of businesses make it a natural tool for any organization looking to better understand this information. Today that means almost every company in the world.

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